George Washington University

George Washington University is shortly well-known ad GWU or GU University which is a private university located at Washington D.C providing different educational facilities. Due to centrally located of George Washington University at Washington it also has largest university institutions and schools, established at 1821 February 9. George Washington University have altogether 14 colleges and schools providing the quality education facility in the United States. Not only it provides best education it is also the most expensive and prestigious university in the state. GW Law School, the School of Medicine & Health Services, the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Education and Human Development etc. are some of the colleges and schools running under GW University.

Academic Life

GWU (George Washington University) provides different programs under different colleges and institution such as Management, Engineering, Health Services, Journalism, Marketing and other related programs. Programs are different according to the graduate and undergraduate enrollment of the students. Due to centralized location of George Washington university, there are large number of students studying at this university lying under the capital city i.e. Washington D.C. The education is slightly changed to students studying undergraduate and graduate students, gw online programs are only available for students studying graduate study.

Applying for GWU

When applying to gw university (George Washington University) it is the most important fact that when to apply in the university. Generally the application deadline of the university is Jan 1st and Nov 1st. Since it provides quality education the students are more selected by the university and the George Washington University has acceptance rate of 40 percent. We can also say that the gw acceptance rate is quiet selective and less due to which highly talented students only get admission in this university. Also the George Washington University  has distributed the enrollment of the student for studying is 57 percentage for female and 43 percentage for male students. And the students are provided different types of scholarships as their scores achieved in SAT scores and the academic qualification of GPA.

George Washington University provides different safety services inside the university as well as surrounding area to ensure the campus safety. Different Health services and health insurance are offered for the student reading in this university with 24 hour emergency telephone services for the security purpose also there is George Washington university hospital. Due to gwu hospital student are getting more benefit from the hospital. GWU provides gw email facility to all the student for the studying in this university and have more flexible in communication. But one of the interesting fact of this George Washington University is that there is no restriction of Alcohol in the surrounding for the legal age groups.


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